Buy Bitcoin in Dubai With Cash & Credit Card

What are the Requirements to Buy Bitcoin in UAE

If you are a Non-UAE resident or on a visit visa, we need your passport to process the transaction. In case you are a UAE national or on a residential visa, we need your Emirates ID to make a bitcoin trade in our crypto shop in Dubai.

Passport Needed for Bitcoin Trade

Present Emirates ID or Your Home Country Passport

What currency you need to buy bitcoins

You Can Buy Bitcoins Using Dirhams (AED) or US Dollars

Buy Bitcoin with Cash

You can buy bitcoins in Dubai with cash. First, calculate how many bitcoins you need, then bring US dollars or Dirhams (AED) with your official ID or passport to process the transaction in our bitcoin shop.

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

You can buy bitcoins in Dubai with a credit card. First, calculate how many bitcoins you need, then visit our crypto shop with your Emirates ID or passport to pay with your credit card to process the transaction.

You can trade bitcoins in our shop by following these steps

1Calculate Bitcoins

Calculate Your Bitcoins

You can use bitcoin calculator to calculate how much cash you need to buy bitcoin in Dubai.

2Book your Appointment

Book your Appointment

You can book an appointment with our staff via WhatsApp, Phone, or Telegram.

3Visit our Store

Visit Our Cryptoshop

Visit our Bitcoin shop in dubai at Baniyas Square-14th Rd, Dubai, UAE

Buy Bitcoin in Dubai

Is It Too Late to Invest in Bitcoin?

We don't think that it is too late to invest in bitcoin. Bitcoin can hit the 100k US Dollars mark as no one knew that one day 1 BTC would ever be worth 50k US Dollars, 10 years after its creation.

  • Tesla will accept bitcoins as a payment method
  • Bitcoin will become a digital gold
  • Bitcoin will becomes the global reserve currency
  • cheapest way to transfer money abroad
  • Bitcoin powers lightning-quick transactions

Why should you take our services while buying bitcoin in Dubai?

Competitive Pricing

Most Competitive Fees

We have set the most competitive pricing for our customers. If you are interested in buying bitcoin in Dubai, don't worry about the commission. You will always get the best rate.

Trade Bitcoin with no limits

Trade Bitcoin With No Limits

In our bitcoin shop, we dont impose any transaction limit on buying bitcoins. You can buy as many bitcoins as you want because we are the #1 bitcoin exchange in Dubai.

No involvement with Banks

No involvement with Banks

We mainly deal with cash; you can bring US Dollars or Dirhams (AED) to our bitcoin shop in order to process your transaction. No bank involvement is needed.

Buy Bitcoin Securely

Buy Bitcoin Securely

If you are willing to buy bitcoin in UAE, we offer a really secure way to trade crypto that is highly appreciated by our customers.

Instant Transaction with Cash

Instant Transaction with Cash

If you would like to pay with cash in our bitcoin shop, we will process your bitcoins securely and instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me in buying bitcoins because this is my first time?

We would love to help you. You can visit our store after booking an appointment via phone or WhatsApp with one of our consultants.

How much is the fee for each transaction?

The rate varies from day to day. Contact us by phone, WhatsApp, or Telegram for more information about the rate.